Who are we

FIV CENTRE was established in 1998 under the direction of Dr. José Luis Caballero Díaz, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and who has more than ten years experience in infertility and techniques for in vitro fertilization(IVF). 

Dr. Gloria López Villalaín began her collaboration with the centre in 1998, as Co-Director. Dr. Antonio Alcaide Raya has been director of the IVF Laboratory since its inauguration.

The FIV CENTRE was established with a commitment to helping couples with diverse difficulties in the area of reproduction. The clinic offers personalized individual treatments in a family atmosphere. What makes us unique, in comparison to other centres, who attend large numbers of patients, (990 cycles of IVF per year), is that we rely on the efforts of only two gynaecologists, thus maintaining a lower ratio of patients.

We offer various reproduction services, including artificial insemination, IVF, IVF using microinjection, assisted hatching of fertilized embryos, blastocyst transfer, ova freezing, semen freezing, embryo freezing, ova donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis; in fact, all current techniques that can be performed within our centres without the necessity of external collaboration.

Our centres are accredited by the Department of Health for the Community of Madrid, the national Ministry of Health and the Spanish Society of Fertility. The embryology laboratory is accredited by the European Society for Reproduction.

From the outset, our desire has been for a private medical practice of highest quality, whilst maintaining continuous updates and education. Our clinical facilities are modern and we use the latest in cutting edge laboratory equipment.

Since opening our first clinic in Montreal twenty years ago, we have experienced excellent results due to the marvellous work and the dedication of our staff, who have worked with many couples and carried out more than 7,000 cycles of IVF. To them and to those who have put their trust in us, we give our grateful thanks.

Medical Director 
Dr. José Luis Caballero Díaz