Sperm donors

FIV CENTRE  has their own Semen Bank for the use of the clinic. We also work with external banks to fill specific needs.

All specimens have warranties according to the Spanish Law governing Assisted Reproduction.

 Ovum donors

The OVODON programme is aimed at donors who wish to donate their ova as a means of supporting women with reproductive problems. The receiving patients include women from the following groups:

  • Patients who carry genetic diseases.
  • Patients without ovarian function due to previous surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 
  • Older women.
  • Patients with poor embryo quality.

The ovum donors must meet the following criteria in order to be included in the programme:

  • Age: 18 to 35 years.
  • Have a good intellectual level.
  • Have no family history of genetically transmitted diseases.
  • Normal karyotype (chromosome study).
  • Negative study for sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, hepatitis B and C, chlamydia, herpes, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasma, rubella and syphilis.
  • Have a normal reproductive tract.
  • Be of good physical and mental health.
  • Have a history of previous fertility and/or adequate response to ovarian stimulation. 

Donating ova does not reduce chances of pregnancy in the donor. Ovum donation is altruistic, anonymous and voluntary, the same as other biological donations. Trade in ova and economic compensation for the donation is prohibited by law, since the main purpose of this act is to voluntarily help other women.  We do allow some compensation for inconvenience to the donor: injectables, periodic medical consultations, periodic analyses or travel expenses. The law also prohibits revealing the identity of the donor to the recipient and vice versa.